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The Mystic Might Organization is a private organization dedicated to investigating paranormal, supernatural and magical activities.   As one of the few groups capable of recognizing and dealing with these threats, the MMO takes active role in protection the interests of the human race. The MMO’s members find themselves on the front line in the battle for humanity’s future.  

The MMO is headquartered in the Dallas/Fort Worth Metroplex of Texas, with additional bases in Colorado Springs, Colorado and Belleville, Kansas.  The MMO also mentors smaller paranormal groups across Texas, Oklahoma, Kansas and Colorado offering both training and protection from hostel forces.  The MMO also has a vast system of allies all over the globe.

Funding for the MMO filters through a number of corporations and front businesses and the Org has gone to great lengths (both magickal and mundane) to ensure no one can trace the data trail back.

The MMO does not seek fame for its actions and takes great precautions to keep its more unusual activities from coming into the public eye.  To the general populace, the MMO appears to be nothing more than a private think tank engaged in research on alternative energy sources and other fringe topics.   Teams in the field often pose as reporters, scientists, investigators or often government employees analyzing routine investigations of strange incidents.
The Mystic Might Organization ask its operatives to investigate magic and paranormal activities as well as supernatural beings and in some cases mundane activities and people. They will then act and deal with any evil/negative magic, violent/destructive behavior or threats if encountered. They manage and maintain relations between the mundane and various enclaves of the supernatural. They protect the benevolent from any hostile actions. They explore areas of magickal or paranormal intensity. Find the locations of magickal or paranormal artifacts and objects

In the absence of an assigned task, operatives are free to do whatever they like, but The Mystic Might Organization demands that they maintain an appropriate public profile and do nothing that would break the trust that The Mystic Might Organization has in either mundane or supernatural circles.

Overall ALL operatives MUST fight for a common good for the magickal, the supernatural, the paranormal and the mundane. They must always be open minded and be prepared for anything. EVERY ONE MUST remain secret about The Mystic Might Organization's nature and it's actives.



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