The History of the PWA
The PWA's long history goes back to 1932
(this page has both our "Storyline" and "Real" Histories)

Midwest Wrestling Association 1932 to 1948
NWA Central States Championship Wrestling 1948 to 1987
LWF and Central States Wrestling 1987 to 1988
World Wrestling Alliance 1988 to 1989
WWA North America 1989 to 1993
WWA Pro Wrestling America 1993 to 1996
Pro Wrestling Alliance 1996 to 1999
WWA Pro Wrestling America 1999 to current


1987 - 1988 - "The New Beginning"

In 1987, John Fredrickson owner of the Lightweight Wrestling Federation, LWF, bought NWA Central States Wrestling, out-bidding Jim Crockett Jr. Fredrickson merged the two promotions together as LWF-Central States Wrestling, which was still a member of the National Wrestling Alliance. The merged promotion moved it home base to St. Louis from Kansas City.

In July of 87, Pete "the Prep" Jackson, a top star from the LWF, signed a contact with Crockett's World Championship Wrestling promotion and almost overnight became a household name. He defeated Magnum TA to win the NWA United States Title. This gave lots of attention to the LWF-Central States, where Jackson still wrestled part-time. During NWA Board Meeting, Fredrickson noticed that Crockett seem to try to run over all the other NWA promoter and acted as they were unimportant to the NWA. Fredrickson who was still close friends with NWA President Bob Gegiel , could not understand why he let Crockett run over him and the rest of the board. Worried that before to long Crockett would have full control of the NWA and the NWA World Title. Fredrickson began planning for the future.

On February, 5 1988, John Fredrickson changed to the name of LWF Central States Wrestling to the World Wrestling Alliance. The WWA would hold a tournament for the WWA World Heavyweight Title in April. They would still remain a part of the NWA. They immediately would also be promoting outside the Central States area in to other regions of the country as well. The WWA signed a TV deal with Paramount Communications to syndicate all over the United States, which would rival the World Wrestling Federation.

On April 29th, 1988 in front of a sold out St. Louis Arena, Pete Jackson became the first ever WWA World Champion. The WWA was selling out every area the visited. They announced that on June 2, 1988 they would hold a Supercard on Pay-Per-View and Closed Circuit TV in Busch Stadium in St. Louis. Most wrestling insiders said this was the biggest mistake in the history of wrestling. Even with the new popularity of the WWA and by selling out the St. Louis Arena every Friday, they would never come close to putting 60,000 in Busch Stadium and NEVER make any sales on PPV (which was still a new tool at the time). Fredrickson and Paramount announced the main event for the show would be called "The World Cup" and called for all the top stars in the whole world to appear in it. Somehow, still somewhat shocking to this day, The AWA, NWA, WCW, All-Japan, Mid-Southern, IWGP, WWC, and even the WWF sent wrestlers to the show. That show "The Battle at Busch" did sell out Busch Stadium and sold the largest PPV sells to that point. When the dust settled, The Battle at Busch made more money than ANY wrestling event to that point in the history of wrestling! Fredrickson said that the WWA had just started on would become a long road to the top.

All-Japan Wrestling announced they would be recognizing the WWA belt as there World Title and drop all ties with the NWA (which was slowly shrinking to only having WCW, i.e. WCW was the NWA. In Sept. of 88, the WWA held its next PPV, The 3rd Annual All-Star Spectacular. Next stop, Europe!


1989 - 1991 - Growing into a Superpower

In 1989 wrestling was not big news in Europe, matter a fact the major fed, CWA was losing money. The WWA announced they would be touring Europe and a group of investors would be forming WWA Europe. The final date of the tour was held on March 18, 1989 at Wembley Stadium in London and the crowning of the first ever WWA European Champion, Sir Edward Seals. Owen Hart defended the World Title against Greg Valentine. The crowd was estimated at 41,045.

Three days later on March 20, 1989 a tourney was held to crown the first WWA North American Champion in St. Louis won by Buddy Landell. On June 2, The Battle at Busch 2, was nicknamed “The Ultimate Challenges”. The main event saw current World Champion Owen Hart defend against and defeat the first ever WWA World Champion, Pete Jackson in a best 2 out of 3 falls match. Also on the show, a 50 man super match, with the winner taking The World Cup and a record 5 million dollars, which was won by Ric Flair. The show beat last years PPV record sells by triple and a crowd of 76,227! To this date many feel that Busch 2 was the greatest PPV ever!

By 1990 the WWA had a tourney to crown the fist ever WWA Asian title, with the addition of WWA Singapore to All-Japan in Asia. Held in the sold out Tokyo Dome on January 25, 1990 saw the Kutlu Warrior (Jon Stewart) beat the legend Tatsumi Fujinami.

Another long-time former NWA international group, Australia /New Zealand decided to join also in 1990. WWA Australian title tourney was held on March 1, 1990 and won by popular Ed Wayne Bruce. By mid-1990 the WWA had governing bodies on four different continents and were continually adding promotions to the regions.

After years of fighting with each other, it all came together. The WWF, NWA, AWA and WWA had a meeting and decided it was time to have one World Champion. On August 15, 1990, WWA champion Owen Hart defeated AWA champion Nikka Kolloff , WWF champion Ultimate Warrior and NWA champion Roddy Piper to be come the Undisputed Heavyweight Champion of the Word! On June 1st 1991, Paramount Communications completed the purchase of the WWA. They then controlled 75% of the stock and 40% stock in WWA North America. Fredrickson Sport Promotions still owned 25% of the WWA and 60% of WWA-NA. Fredrickson was named President of Paramount TV operations and turned day to day operations of the WWA over to new President Phil Baker, while the WWA-NA was being run by former NWA president Bob Gegiel. Busch 4 had the Undisputed Title defended by Hart against Piper and the end to the year long feud between North American Champion Barry Windham and Randy Savage.

By mid-91, the Undisputed Title was in trouble. The NWA was tired of not getting World Title matches when they called for them. They threatened to strip Hart if he did show up in 30 days. Hart did not show up in that time frame, and on September 1, 1991, the NWA indeed striped Hart of the NWA title. NWA owners Time-Warner accused the WWA and Paramount Sports of attempting to Monopolize wrestling, by destroying other promotions with the so called Undisputed Title and said they would never work with the WWA again. This in some ways, this appeared true. The AWA had only got two matches with the Undisputed Champion in the last year. The attendance had failed to almost nothing. They also could no longer afford to pay any top name stars. On October 5, 1991 the American Wrestling Association shut down operations. The WWA and WWF still had good working realizations, and continued to recognize Hart as Undisputed Champion. Time-Warner felt it something was not done, the NWA may have to close soon, also. In one of the most shocking stories of the 90’s. Time-Warner announced they were attempting to buy the WWF from Titian Sports. To this day the amount is still unknown, buy owner Vince McMahan after three weeks of deliberating, agreed to the sale on November 15, 1991. The plain was to merge the WWF with WCW, into one promotion under the NWA/WCW name.

1992 - A Monopoly forming?

On January 1st, 1992 the WWF was gone, officially a part of the NWA/WCW. A clause in the sell made it possible for the former WWF to sign with the WWA-NA, and most of the top stars did. The WWA-NA had become the number one promotion America, and was looking to hold off the NWA/WCW with there increased TV market from the WWF-deal.

The new WWA Board took over in January and demanded that like in other regions, the WWA North American title be defended in ALL promotion in North American, not only in WWA-NA. This upset WWA-NA and Bob Geigel, who said they need a promotional title. Geigel met with the WWA board and a one year plain was put into action that would change The WWA North American, which was still called by most just “the WWA” to WWA Pro Wrestling America. This would be about a year from that point.

Owen Hart, after almost four years as WWA World Champion, saw his title reign end on April 18, 1992 to Pete Jackson. After merge with the WWF, the NWA did begin to fall farther in a rut, and saw the attendance fall even more. Time-W darner threatened Paramount with a law suit, once again claiming they were attempting to Monopolize wrestling. It did not got to court, as the WWA had WWA-NA move its Saturday night show to a different time slot away from the NWA/WCW Saturday show. This didn’t help NWA/WCW at all. After a failed International Tournament for the then vacant NWA World Title, Time-Warner pulled out there investment and the NWA ceased operations on October 20, 1992. Indeed, the WWA was the only Governing Body left in wrestling.

1993 thru 1995 - The Fun Years

 The WWA North American, had officially changed its name to Pro Wrestling America to begin the year. Things started to change in early 1993. Paramount was in the middle of a biding war for control by Viacom and QVC (head by Barry Diller). John Fredrickson was on the QVC side openly. Allot of the overseas promotion feared that if Viacom won, that Fredrickson would pull the PWA out of the WWA. They wonder how loosing the Flag-ship of the WWA might affect them, in money terms.

In April, the NWA came back with a vengeance, after finding new backers. Barry Windham won a tourney to win the NWA World Title. Two months before Busch 6, the PWA held a group of events that would led to a tourney to crown the first ever PWA Heavyweight and Tag Team champions. The Battle at Busch 6 saw the weirdest Main Event ever, WWA World Champion, The Great Muta lost to Scott Steiner. Steiner begin running his mouth to former champion Owen Hart, who was at ringside doing play-by-play. Steiner then challenged Hart to a title match, right then. Owen accepted and WWA officials ok'ed, 7 minutes and 31 seconds later, Owen Hart recaptured the World Title, giving Steiner the shortest World Title reign in all of sports! Also at Busch 6, John Raddison shocked everyone by beating Jon Stewart (Kutlu Warrior) and becoming the first PWA heavyweight Champion.

This title reign , Owen Hart seemed a changed man. He was respectful to wrestling fan over the world, and begin hearing cheers in America. He said the time away helped learn what was important to him. In July of 1993 Jerry Lawler called a Press Conference and said he was forming The Arabian Knights, denounced his American citizenship, that his name was now Mustafa Akeem was declaring total war on the PWA. The Arabian Knights appeared on TV a few weeks later and begin to burn an American flag. They were stopped by Owen Hart, who said he would not allow all this in his “adopted” home land. This begin the famous Hart vs. Lawler wars. Many think this war is the most bloody feud in the history of wrestling.

By late 1993, The PWA was setting new highs for TV ratings for wrestling.

Paramount was officially purchased by Viacom on July 7, 1994.!!!!! As part of the agreement, John Fredrickson stepped down as head of Paramount TV and sold his 25% of the WWA to Viacom. In return Viacom sold Fredrickson there 40% of the PWA. Fredrickson returned to the PWA as Owner, C.E.O. and President and begin running the company full time. Bob Geigel was given a position as Senior Vice-President.

1994 saw Owen Hart come the most poplar wrestler in the world. Hart would visit sick children, in every city he visited. He war with Lawler was becoming world wide as well. On April 1, 1994 in Singapore, Lawler’s newest ally Sabu defeated Own to win the WWA World Title. Also that night, in pre-match fight, Owen’s father Stu Hart was hit and fell down. Stu had a heart attack and died later that night. Owen was devastated. Lawler sank to his lowest point ever. After Mr. Harts death, Lawler got on TV and laughed saying “I hope Owen dies next”. Owen, was mentally physically hurt, said he was retiring for wrestling. Sabu with Lawler defended the belt, destroying most of his opponents in less than thirty seconds. The WWA even considered stripping him due to “unnecessary violence”. Pete Jackson finally convinced his former enemy, Owen to return. Jackson who had left wrestling himself for a career in movies, begin training Owen and readying him to face Sabu at Busch 7 June 4th 1994, the largest PPV world wide audience in the history of wrestling to that date and a record 79,875 at Busch Stadium, saw Owen Hart with “trainer” Pete Jackson at ringside defeat Sabu and the evil Lawler. In September, Lawler “embraced” the Nation of Islam. In November of 1994 Lawler was fired by the PWA, and suspended by the WWA, for “the last time”. Jon Stewart and his manager Chris Champion took control of Lawlers Army and met Owen and his “Freedom fighters” in a War Games match.

April 19, 1995, the day of the Oklahoma City bombing changed Lawler, forever. He return to the PWA and apologized for all his evils. He said he was detecting his life to Allah. Most did not believe Lawler, but over time he started to prove his was honest. Owen Hart was sicken over the fans forgiveness of Lawler, and was very vocal about it. Lawler started a war with former World Champion, Harley Race and his army. Race had started a “racial war” in the PWA with views on Africa Americans and other non-white races. Lawler begin visiting the same children that Hart had, and started working for many charities in the cities he visited. The once hated Lawler was becoming the most popular man in wrestling! This sicken Owen Hart, and it started to show. He started to miss title defense, and was getting more aggressive in the ring. This lead to “The Speech” on November 25, 1995. Lawler was named Man of the Year by the PWA, and was given the award that night. Lawler said he would rather see Owen have and it and called Hart out. Hart took the award and hit Lawler over the head with it, and told the fans “to go straight to hell, he was done with them”. Hart missed more WWA title dates in December, as he declared full war on Lawler and the fans. He then allied himself with Harley Race, making him the most hated man in the PWA. It seemed that Lawler and Hart had switched roles. All of this led to TV and PPV ratings that broke even more records for the PWA.

But the WWA was fed up with Hart. Fredrickson wanted Hart to remain in the PWA even more. Chris Champion, the former wrestler and current announcer for PWA TV was named the new Executive Vice President of the PWA as the year ended.


1996 thru 1997 - The Edge of a New Dawn

January 19, 1996 saw the WWA strip Owen Hart of the WWA title, due to missing dates in Europe and Asia. After this happened, the PWA pulled out the WWA! The PWA called in Dan Severn, the NWA to defended his title for a PPV in February. The PWA announced that they were thinking about upgrading the PWA Heavyweight Title to World Title status. In the mean time, the WWA held a tourney in Los Angeles, won by Pete Jackson.

In March, the PWA, WWA and NWA all meet and decided to try to make peace. The PWA rejoined the WWA on March 15, 1996 and it was announced that at the Battle at Busch 9, the WWA and NWA titles would be unified. A championship committee was formed involving promoters from all three promotions, to insure the title would be defended a fair amount of time all over the entire world. So at Busch 9 on June 1 1992, NWA champion Dan Severn beat WWA champion Barry Windham, after a 60 minute draw, by “points” as seen by three judges. Severn became the first “undisputed champion” since Hart in 1991. But the end was near. On July 3, 1996, it was announced that Dan Severn had died in Japan.

On July 17, 1996 the PWA held a match between number 1 contender to the “Undisputed” Title Shawn Michaels and current PWA Heavyweight Champion Robert Bayley. The NWA and WWA at first agreed the recognize the winner of this match as “Undisputed” World Champion. Two days before, the NWA pulled out, saying it they that they would hold a match later on to decide the NWA title. The night of the event, WWA officials showed up and said they never agreed to this match, and ordered it stopped. John Fredrickson that very night, pulled the PWA out of the WWA again and declared that the winner of the match would become the Pro Wrestling Alliance World Heavyweight Champion.

An era was over, the “flagship” of the WWA had pulled out. Overnight the Pro Wrestling America officially became the Pro Wrestling Alliance. Shawn Michaels won the title. At that point, many viewed him as the “linear” World Champion. The WWA turned to its many “independent” American promotions to try to replace the PWA, but it was not working.

The Giant won the WWA title in tourney in Germany. Viacom entered into an agreement to buy World Championship Wrestling from Time-Warner in late 1996. The WWA.Title was then defended in WCW. The PWA moved on with out the WWA, and found more success than ever.

Things got interesting when two “outsiders”, Scott Hall and Kevin Nash, the former Razor Ramon and Diesel, showed up on TV saying that they were tired of not being give a chance by the “suits”. Along with Owen Hart, they formed the NWO-the  New World Order. They did mange to truly shock the world, when they brought out new member, Dan Severn, who was believed to be dead. Through out 1997 the NWO and Chris Champion attempted to “take over’ The PWA. Champion who had John Fredrickson unknowingly sign a power of attorney, “fired” the owner from the company. While Fredrickson still owned the PWA, Champion was making all the decisions, which all seemed pro-NWO. It finally came down to a War Games match, where Fredrickson put the ownership of the company on the line vs Champion’s power of attorney. The PWA team, which included the unlikely duo of Jerry Lawler and Owen Hart won, and the NWO seemed to be over.

After the match Hart attacked Lawler again. A month later the NWO was back, led by Champion and his new co-leader Dan Severn! At Busch 10 on June 2, 1997 Busch 10 saw the new co-leader of the NWO, Dan Severn face Pete Jackson for the PWA World Title. Also, on that show the Hart Foundation, led by Owen Hart attacked Jerry Lawler and severely injured Lawler, who left the sport. In July, Severn took the title from Jackson. Late 1997 saw a reneawl relationship with the reformed NWA and contained domination by the NWO.



1998 was a banner year for the PWA.

The Tag Team picture was better than ever.  The Outsiders lost the World Tag Team titles to Pete Jackson and Jon Stewart, then they lost to The Natural Born Killers Jesse Evans and Jerry Chestnut.  The Killers then dominated the tag team scene and were named Tag Team of the Year.

Bucsh 11 saw the WWA Worlds Champion Barry Windham defeat the PWA World Champion Dan Severn.  After the match ended, Windham "took" the PWA World title belt,  it was returned a few weeks later.
This was the beginning of the ends for the out of control Severn.  After seeing Kevin Nash and Chris Champion leave the NWO, Nash defeated Severn on 9/6/98.  The Dan Severn era had ended.

Owen Hart and Jerry Lawler were back at war.  Lawler had formed "The Inquest", and Owen returned to his "true self", and had the fans back with him.  Bret Hart shocked the world, by joining Lawler and The Inquest against his own brother.  Owen Hart proved true to himself and his fan by ended the six year old war with Lawler at Wrestle War 98 by winning a retirement match.  Sad to say, he would then have to still deal with his brother Bret.  But the War of the Decade, Owen Hart vs Jerry Lawler  had ended for good.

PWA World Champion, Kevin Nash, rejoined the NWO after Severn left but lost his World Title to former freind Shawn Michaels.  Shawn won his third World Title.


1999 - The Long Road Home.

1999 saw a new World Champion in Robert Bayley after beating Shawn Michaels.  The Natural Born Killers hot streak contiued in to 1999.

Viacom Sports after lossing money on WCW, decided to leave the wrestling bussness for good.  WCW went up for sale and the WWA was sold to a group of promoters that invoded founder John Fredricksonm, IPW owner .  The PWA board voted to rejoin the WWA and merge the PWA World Title with the WWA Worlds Title.

The “REAL” Story of the PWA, by John H Fredrickson:

The PWA is a “Fantasy Wresting League” that has been run since 1986. It all begin as the LWF, the Lightweight Wrestling Federation. Why did I run a lightweight fed? I have NO idea to this very day. Anyway the “fed” was run using a game that used dice to decide the out come. In 1987 I met David Steele. I finally met someone who know more about wrestling than me.

He also ran a “wrestling fed”, but they wrestled for real (well not really “real”, you know). They ran a “Fantasy” NWA based on Mid-Atlantic (i.e.. WCW). Roddy Piper has just retired from the WWF and returned to the NWA. Like two weeks later, he beat Ric Flair for the NWA World Title. Barry Windham attacked Piper and joined the Four Horseman had won the title a month later. This Windham turning was the first of millions of “copies” that the “real” wrestling promoters stole from us. Here are some more 1. We had Time-Warner “buy” WCW/NWA long before they did 2. We started using UFC wrestlers long before they did. 3. We made Shawn Michaels a singles star three years before they did. 4. We were “extreme” many years before there was an ECW (I have video tape to prove it, too) 5. We had Hogan turn bad before them. 6. PWA President (Chris Champion) joined the NWO before did Eric Bischoff did. Really Bischoff ‘s “ heal character” was a complete copy of Champion from years back. (once again we got tape to prove it) I just don’t have time to list them all, but that is why sometimes WE (the PWA) copy THEM (WCW and WWF) now and then, pay backs. The two things “they” missed the mark on were turning Barry Windham and Owen Hart into Mega-Stars, like we did.

Ok, enough of blowing our horn, I kept “wrestling” with David’s NWA and was still running the LWF. We used to tape all of our events on Cassette tape (which we still have some of them) Later on we Video taped some of them. If anyone really, and mean ONLY hardcore NeWA-PWA fans, I could maybe send you a copy of one or two of the Cassettes or even a Video in the mail. I must warn you, they kinna suck and are more funny than anything! The NeWA plains on doing a Real Audio deal, but I don’t know when or how it would work.

I decided to merge LWF with Central States (which Jim Crockett bought in the “real” world), forming LWF-Central States, which was a part of the NWA. We used to run “NWA Board Meetings” were Scott Ewing (who played a “perfect” Crockett) would take over and “bad mouth” the other “promoters”. I deiced I was going to from my own governing body and have my own World Title. So I formed the WWA. The rest is History.

Today, the PWA is once again a member of the WWA. The PWA is still a Fantasy Fed. We run some of our events using the TNM simulator. We post as much as we can on the WebPages, but not everything, mainly our lengthy interviews (they take to darn long to type out).

We (WWA, ECW. WCW, NWA and the PWA) all “live” in the same world. In 1992 “our” WWF was bought by Time Warner and merged with the NWA, so there is no WWF anymore. The WWA does finally have a web page (since we gave them space, on our dominon), so you can check out what they are doing, if you want. The WWA, PWA and NeWA have a rule not to “steal” wrestlers in the other fed’s league (including the “real” ECW roster), without checking first. This add to the realism of “our world”.

After three years apart, the PWA has rejoined the WWA. We are VERY happy to back home!

Currently the WCW, which is the new Flagship of the NWA which had been in a rating’s war with the PWA (much like the real WCW and WWF), is now "trying" to work around (not with) the PWA and no longer at "war"...for now.

As far as our relationship to the NWA, the PWA is the only original promotion still with the NWA from 1948 (when we were NWA Central States). Our relationship is more or less out of respect, as we have our own World Champion. We have helped the NWA out many time, but if it were not for the NWA, there would not be a PWA! So the NWA is more of a sister promotion to us than us being a “true” member of the NWA. But, we are still “officially” a part of the NWA, and always have been.

Our Front Office is made up of several people. For the sack of role-play, we added some “real” wrestling personalities also, some of which are role-played.

Finally (even if WCW and WWF has copied almost every thing we ever did) this is still a simulation and no copyright violations are intended in any way. We do this for fun and make no profit at all from it. We do use allot of real “logos” on our page, but do put a link to the WebPages of whomever logo we have used. (Free adds for them, maybe?) I think this adds to the realism of our role-play. If any company or person is offended by this, please tell us and we will stop, immediately. Once again NO Trademark or Copyright violations are intended in ANYway.

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