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The "PWA" is a Wrestling Fantasy League Simulation that has been run since 1988, with roots back to 1986. We moved to the internet in 1997. Right now we are not accepting new wrestlers. BUT, if you have a wrestler you think can climb the ranks in the PWA. Send us E-mail and we will talk!!

In our World, the WWF is out of business and has been since 1992. The NWA, National Wrestling Alliance, are still rebuilding after years of being out of the spotlight. WCW, World Championship Wrestling is once again the flagship of the NWA and the second largest promotion in the world. ECW, Extreme Championship Wrestling, has closed it's doors. We, the Pro Wrestling Alliance, are the number one and largest promotion in the whole world. After three years apart, The PWA is once again a member and flagship promotion of the WWA, the World Wrestling Alliance, who have promotions all over the entire world. The infamous “PWA vs WCW ratings wars” of the late 90's, has now cooled down, with both promotions running tv shows on separate nights.

The PWA has now entered a "new era" in terms of talent. Many of our top stars like Shawn Michaels, Owen Hart and Dan Severn have retired and have been replaced by the likes of Rob Van Dam, Axel Hager and Darren Michaels. Still one of the most famous wrestlers in the world is the former 6-time World Champion Pete Jackson, who started his career in 1986 with us. Pete still wrestlers part-time and is still one of the most popular wrestlers in the world. He is also a star in Hollywood having starred in major motion pictures like Speed, Interview with a Vampire, Point Break, The Firm and The Matrix.

Our home office is based in St Louis, Mo. We run 8 Pay-Per-Views events a year, two major weekly tv shows on both network and cable tv, two syndicated tv shows and run over 300 house shows a year. Our major TV shows are PWA Prime Time Wrestling, on the FX cable network, seen Wednesday nights 7pm to 10pm (Central Time) and The PWA on FOX, on the FOX network, and seen Sundays from 6pm to 7pm (Central Time) or immediately after football. We post the full Pay-Per-Views events on the webpage, while will post the results of the PWA on FOX every other week.

Starting in December 2001, the PWA presents a real-audio internet show, PWA Internet Spotlight. The show gives listeners updates and weekly news.

Even if the "real" WWF and "former" WCW have copied almost every thing we have ever done, this is still a simulation and no copyright violations are intended in any way. We do this for fun and make no profit at all from it. We do use alot of real “logos” on our page, but do put a link to the webpages of whomever logo we have used. (Free adds for them, maybe?) I think this adds to the realism of our role-play. If any company or person is offended by this, please tell us and we will stop, immediately. Once again NO Trademark or Copyright violations are intended in ANYway.

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