September 5th 2010

                     The Staples Center

Los Angeles, California


matches sanctioned by

WWA Worlds Heavyweight Title

Steve "Danger" Elliott
CM Punk
CM Punk has took a road much like Bryan Danielson, and while winning the WWA
World Hardcore Title, he wanted to prove he could be a legit star.  Steve Elliott
who shocked  the world in March winning the World Title, years after his "prime"
was ready to make Punk just another name on his list of victories.   Elliott brought
several bodyguards to ringside to combat the SES and any possible interference.

Steve Elliott defeated CM Punk by submission in 31:15 to retain the WWA Worlds
Heavyweight Title.

Pete Jackson vs. Shawn Michaels
(If Jackson wins he gets the Money the Bank Match)
While not living up to the hype of the Battle at Busch match, this rematch was still
golden from the start to the finish. 

Shawn Michaels defeated Pete Jackson by pin fall in 31:12
WWA World Tag Team Titles
The Snake Pit vs. Team 3D
Spin the Wheel - Make the Deal Match
Buried Alive Match.
In the most shocking match of the night...they spin the wheel and it was a Buried Alive
match.  Bubba Ray Dudley did NOT like the idea but finally agreed after referee Rick Manning
threatened to award the match to the Snake Pit if he refused to "make the deal".
The real trouble of the  event happened when Devon Dudley threw Victor Blood in the
"grave".  Before he could "bury" him, referee Rick Manning called for the bell.  The match ended?
Thus the trouble with gimmick matches, sometime they go wrong.   Devon should
have thrown dirt on top of Victor Blood for proper victory, as pointed out by WWA
officials at ringside, including one of the WWA Directors from Japan - Yoshiyuki
Nakamura and PWA Senior Referee Rick Owen.  The WWA  gave Team 3D the victory but
refused  to allow the Tag Team  Titles to switch on this decision but and have ordered
a rematch.   Team 3D was NOT happy!

Team 3D defeated The Snake Pit in a Buried Alive Match, but the titles
did not switch hands via WWA
Director - Yoshiyuki Nakamura and Senior
Referee Rick Owen

SIDE NOTE:  Here are the official rules of the match from the rule book:
The Buried Alive Match: The object of this match is to throw your opponent into a six-foot-deep grave.
Once he is in, the wrestler must then bury his opponent with dirt.

Very Special Challenge
John Cena vs. Bryan Danielson
The match the world wanted to see, former backyard wrestler turned indy wrestler star
who worked 10 years to make it - facing the biggest  wrestling superstar of the 2000's.
And YES it lived up to the hype.  Danielson seemed to dominate early, but Cena soon
took control and proved he was more than a "movie star".  The fans gave the two men
a standing ovation.  Danielson might not have won the match...but he has finally arrived!

John Cena pinned Bryan Danielson after the Cena Bomb in 41:26
North American title
Matt Hardy vs. Jack Swagger
It did not take long for the match to get crazy, as Edge came to ringside, but was soon
joined by Jeff Hardy.   Within minutes the brawl was on and match was thrown out.

Double Disqualification in 7:56 - Hardy retains the title.

PWA Heavyweight Title
Randy Orton vs.
Drew McIntyre vs. Christian Cage

Orton and Cage were both counted out.  Rules state that the champion retains the
title on a count out.  BUT Roddy Piper brings a contract in the ring Orton had
signed.  In the "small print" it was agreed that for this match, if the champion was
counted out, he would LOSE the title.

Winner via double count out and NEW PWA Heavyweight Champion - Drew McIntyre
in 14:14

Final Round Match for the
Vacant American Title

Matthew Cardona vs. The Miz

The Miz defeated Matthew Cardona after pulling the tights (unseen by ref) to win the title
in 10:13.

PWA Six Man Tag Team Titles
The Uso Bros and Joe Seanoa
The Hart Dynasty

The Uso Bros and Joe Seanoa win in 6:15 to win the titles.
PWA Tag Team Titles
The Straight Edge Society
The Rockers
Jon Moores and Sheamus

The Straight Edge Society win in 10:41 to retain the titles.
Cruiserweight  Last Man Standing Match 
to crown
PWA Cruiserweight Champion
Rasmus Kessler
Kofi Kingston
Evan Bourne
Chavo Guerrero Jr
Justin Gabriel
Alexander Lopez
Jared Steele
Khris Miller
From Central States Wrestling:
"Sleeperkid" Lee Vakis
"El Guapo" Chakal

The biggest surprises of the match were the two CSW wrestling stars joining CSW alumni
Justin Gabrial at the end.  "El Guapo" Chakal  who hails from
Venezuela and The SleeperKid Lee Vakis 
from San Francisco, California.   They along with the former Central States Champion
Justin Gabriel were the last three men standing.   But Gabriel proved too much for the two young men.

Justin Gabriel is the last man standing and wins the title in 17:51
Tables, Chairs and Ladders Match
Edge vs Jeff Hardy

Jeff Hardy defeated Edge in 16:45.