Rage in the Cage

Thanksgiving Night November 25th 2010 / Sprint Center / Kansas City, Missouri
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Far from Over, the official Starrcade song plays over the arena.  We see PWA President Terry Taylor in the ring with a mic.

Terry Taylor:  As the President of Wrestling Operations for the PWA, most people think I have total control of the promotion. This is NOT the truth.  I work with an Executive Board.  We have to vote on issues and majority rules.  I also work under John Fredrickson as well as the shareholders of the company.  Well, all these people decided that the PWA needed a General Manager.   I did not agree with that, but whatever. I can deal with it I figured.  Well I found out who was hired.   I am flat pissed off, folks.  This man is going to create chaos and controversy within the PWA.   I was out voted and the man is hired.  So come on out…and I will head to the back, because I don’t want to be in the ring with this person.

Taylor leaves…

Out walks Chris Champion, former PWA President.  The fans begin to booo…

Champion takes the mic.

Chris Champion:  Shut up all you Kansas City marks.  I am back and I am better than ever.  I am going to make the PWA much better.  All of you morons in the back get ready for CHANGES, Chris Champion style, beginning tonight!

Central States Title Match
Joe Henning defeated Lance Archer with the Perfect-Plex in 7:15.

Good opening card match.  Archer looked very strong in the loss.

Debut Match
“The Redeemer” Tyler Black vs.  “The Phenomenal” A.J. Styles (with Ric Flair)

Chris Champion is back at ringside.  Before the match is introduced he takes the mic.

Chris Champion:   It appears that Terry Taylor and his idiot staff dropped the ball AGAIN.  This Tyler Black person was signed by the PWA months ago, but then allowed to finish out his schedule in Ring of Honor.  This was fair…  But then Tyler Black went and screwed up and lost a retirement match in his final match with ROH.   Then I hear that he was going to walk into the PWA under the name Seth Rollins or Seth Rogan or some damn fake name.  It don’t matter to me, by losing that match, it made his contact with the PWA invalid, in my eyes.  And as GM of the PWA, it’s MY eyes that count.  So Seth Taylor, Tyler Black whatever your name is, get out here.

Redemption by Shadows Fall plays over the arena.  Tyler Black walks out to the ring and gets a good cheer from the fans. 

Chris Champion:  Ok Tyler Black, I will give you ONE chance. As a former ROH World Champion, I think this is fair.  IF you can beat A.J. Styles, who is a former NWA World Champion tonight, in his PWA debut I will allow you to stay in the PWA.  If you lose, your retirement is permanent!

Tyler Black:  Sounds like I have no choice.  Deal.

Black dominated the veteran Styles early on.  Styles then took control of the match and looked like he was on his way to victory.  Out of nowhere Black nailed him with his new finishing move called “The Black Driver”.  Flair jumped in the ring and broke the three count, resulting in the DQ.   Black wins and will now be allowed to stay in the PWA.  

Debut Match
“The Redeemer” Tyler Black defeated “The Phenomenal” A.J. Styles (with Ric Flair) by DQ after Flair interfered in the match.

PWA Cruiserweight Title
Justin Gabriel defeated Brandon "Kaval" Silvestry in 14:21 with the 360 splash.

Chris Champion reappears.  

Chris Champion:  The PWA needs some true talent back.  I have rehired my good friend, The Supreme Kai Hanson. 

The fans all boo, as Hanson walks out.  Hanson downgrades the United States (as always) and brings out his new protégé Lacey Von Erich.
PWA Six Man Titles
The Straight Edge Society defeated The Uso Brothers and Samoa Joe to win the titles.

Special Challenge Match
Rampage Jackson vs. Victor Blood

The crowd was extremely behind and cheering Jackson.  Victor Blood cheated during the entire match.  Rampage Jackson finally took control and won the match with an arm bar submission.  A strong PWA debut for Jackson who is clearly over with the fans already.  But after the match, Blood attacked Jackson with a steel chair.    

Rampage Jackson defeated Victor Blood by submission in 12:21
Women's Match
Serena vs. Lacey Von Erich

Now managed by Kai Hanson, Lacey won the match and looked better than any match we have seen her in.  Joining with Hanson proved to be positive move.

Lacey Von Erich defeated Serena by submission with the Iron Claw.

PWA Heavyweight Title
“The One” Drew McIntyre (with Roddy Piper) vs.  “The Irish Curse” Stephen Farrelly

In what might have been the match of the night, the former enemies then turned stable mates, turned enemy again showed off their wrestling skills.  Farrelly looked far more comfortable with out the old “Sheamus” gimmick.  After he was nailed by “The Irish Curse” slam McIntyre looked like he was in trouble, but his manger Roddy Piper placed his leg on the rope to break a three count.   Later in the match McIntyre surprised Farrelly with the Future Shock DDT for the win.

“The One” Drew McIntyre (with Roddy Piper) defeated “The Irish Curse” Stephen Farrelly by pin fall to retain the title.  
PWA Tag Team Titles
The West Texas Outlaws
(Jon "Doc" Ryder and "The Deuce" Bruce Ringo)
(with Jesse Evans)
The Scottish Powers
(“The Highlander” Jon Moors and “The Crippler” Colin Bale)
(with Roddy Piper)

The Scottish Powers (with Roddy Piper) defeated The West Texas Outlaws by pin fall to win the titles.


War Games: The Match Beyond
Genesis – Dan Severn, Wade Barrett, Alex Riley, and David Otunga
Brandon Myers, Shawn Michaels, Kevin Nash and The Rockers

Dan Severn and Genesis come out first. 

Dan Severn:  As you all heard, the Rotunda’s brother were “removed” from Genesis, as they were not ready for “prime time” yet.   We have hired “The A List” David Otunga to join our ranks.  This kid IS ready, the A list!  Our 5th member is not here yet.   He WILL appear before the night ends.  So we will go at it 4 on 5 until he arrives.  And let it be known this will be MY final wrestling match tonight.  I will spend my time teaching and managing the other members of Genesis.  And I will make a promise; we WILL have World Champions within our group very soon. 

As the cage is lowered and the match begins, there is no sign of the fifth member of Genesis.

John Morrison was the first person eliminated, followed by Alex Riley, Kevin Nash, David Otunga then Marty Jannetty.   Leaving Dan Severn and Wade Barrett to face off with Brandon Myers and Shawn Michaels.  Myers hit the Attitude Adjustment on Barrett to eliminate him, leaving Severn as the last man standing for Genesis.   As Myers goes after Severn, the fifth member of Genesis appears, it’s Shawn Michaels!  HBK nails Brandon Myers with the Sweet Chain Music and Severn goes for the pin fall.  Michaels is laughing and hugs Severn in the middle of ring.      They are re-joined by Barrett, Riley and Otunga (aka Severn's Kids).  The five attack Myers as a group. 

Dan Severn:  We just showed the world.  HAHA!  Myers, your so called best friend just kicked your ass. HAHA.   With mine and HBK’s leadership we will lead Genesis to the top of the PWA.

Michaels takes the mic.

Shawn Michaels:   Myers, you think you know everything.   Severn and I dreamed this all up as soon as we found out you wanted to come back to the PWA.  Brandon Myers, you can go to hell you bastard.  And thanks to our new GM, Chris Champion for his help too.

Michaels does a crotch chop, as the cage rises.  Marty Jannetty, John Morrison and others from the back come to help Myers.  (no sign of Kevin Nash)

The winners of the match: Genesis – Dan Severn, Shawn Michaels, Wade Barrett, Alex Riley, and David Otunga defeated Brandon Myers, Kevin Nash and The Rockers
WWA World Tag Team Titles
Team 3D – Bubba Ray and Devon Dudley
Pete Jackson and Matthew Cardona

Pete Jackson vowed to “get tough” on Team 3D and play by "their rules".  Jackson has been known to go hardcore in the past and did so in this match.   His partner Matthew Cardona did his best to stay within the rule book, and it cost his team.   The Dudley’s put Cardona threw a table and got the pin fall.  Jackson was not very happy with this. 

Team 3D – Bubba Ray and Devon Dudley defeated Pete Jackson and Matthew Cardona by pin fall in 19:14 to retain the titles. 
NWA World Heavyweight Title
Adam Pierce vs. CM Punk

CM Punk has been trashing the NWA World Champion for several weeks; Adam Pierce was ready for some revenge.   Pierce “took the Punk to school” as he promised.  The Straight Edge Society finally ran in and attacked Pierce, causing their leader to be DQ’ed.  Punk vowed he was not done with Pierce and said he would “chase him down in the NWA”.

Adam Pierce defeated CM Punk by DQ to retain the title.
WWA World Cruiserweight Title
Submission Match
Bryan Danielson vs. Rasmus Kessler

Another five star match for Brian Danielson.    Kessler impressed as well.  It was a brutal shoot style back and forth match.  Danielson finally got the submission with the Lebell lock for the victory.

Bryan Danielson defeated Rasmus Kessler by submission in 19:21.
WWA World Hardcore Title
Triple Threat Street Fight Match
Hyde Van Clair vs. Abdullah Kobayashi vs. Abyss

A rare PWA blood bath in 2010.  All three men were bleeding badly.  Van Clair nailed Abyss with his own barbed-wire baseball to win the match and retain his title, but continued to brawl with Kobayashi all the way to the street.  A car attempted to run over Kobayashi but missed him by inches.  The driver of the car was in fact Abyss, who recovered and stole a car from the parking lot.  The Kansas City Police Dept finally broke the three men up.  The match was a real bloody mess, but a fun mess.

Hyde Van Clair defeated Abdullah Kobayashi and Abyss to retain the title.
North American Title
Matt Hardy vs. Elijah "The Pope" Burke

In the strangest match of the night, we saw the return of Jeff Hardy who came to the rind during the match.   Matt was shocked and puzzled by his brothers appearance.  Jeff's interference lead to a victory for Burke.   Matt and Jeff had a major disagreement after the match and had to be separated.

Elijah "The Pope" Burke defeated Matt Hardy by pin fall to win the North American Title.
American Title
The Miz vs. Edge

Edge attacked Miz before the bell.  IT does not last long, as Miz knocks Edge out of the ring.  The Miz and Edge are both counted out of the ring.

The Miz and Edge
were both counted outside the ring.
PIPERS PIT with Roddy Piper
Two VERY Special Guests – Promoting their new movie, “Faster” - Nic Cross and Harley Race.

Piper did a good job promoting the movie but then he started to insult Race, while Cross looked uncomfortable and bored.   Cross was a major disappointment in his first appearance in the PWA since his retirement and move to an acting carrier. But Race and Piper carried the Pit.  It all ended with Race head butting Piper!   (Don't look for Cross to be back ANYTIME soon, this did not go very well)


Main Event – Steel Cage – NO DQ
WWA Worlds Heavyweight Title
The Rage in the Cage
Steve Elliott vs. John Cena

The cage was lowered with TWO special referees inside: Pete Jackson and new GM Chris Champion.   Senior ref Rick Owen remained outside the cage at ringside.  Elliott was mad that Jackson was there, and Cena was equally upset with the selection of Champion, who named himself as the second ref.

Cena took an early control of the match as the fans where cheering him wildly.  The biggest problem was Champion and Jackson, who kept yelling at each other. Then Jackson got into a yelling match with Elliott.  Jackson finally slapped Elliott in the face.   Cena stepped in and asked Jackson to calm down, who then pushed Cena down!   The ref problems ended (for now) and Elliott took over the match.  At the 30 minute mark Champion gave Elliott an extremely fast count and it appeared the match was over.  Jackson and Rick Owen both said the match would continue.  Champion threatened to fire both Owen and Jackson.   Jackson then nailed Champion, knocking the new GM out for about five minutes. Cena was getting more and more upset with both Jackson and Champion and the odd ref style of them both.  Clearly the special ref idea had back fired.   The match was a pure chaotic mess, but the fans were eating it all up. Cena took the match back and looked like he had a legit pin fall, but this time it was Pete Jackson with a very slow count.  At the 45 min mark, Elliott accidently bumped into the Jackson.  Jackson grabbed the house mic and told Elliott “you just screwed up”.   Jackson then pulled out a roll of coins, silver dollars and nailed Elliott in the temple.  The coins when everywhere and Elliott was a bloody mess and knocked out cold.  Jackson yelled at Cena to pin him now. Cena took the mic. “Jackson I refuse to win the title this way, you just screwed up my match.  Please just leave the ring”.   Jackson gets pissed off and yells at Rick Owen to open the cage door, he was in fact leaving. Cena walks over to talk to him, when Jackson slams the cage door on Cena right in the head.  Now Cena is bleeding and knocked out cold.  The fans start to throw trash Jackson who in turns gives them the middle finger.  Chris Champion looks confused as both men are out.   Rick Owen enters the cage and talks to Champion.   Champion seems to agree.  Owen begins a ten count.  1..2..3..4..5..6..7..8..9…10.  Owen calls for the bell.  Both men failed to respond to the ten counts, the match ends in a double count out. 

Neither John Cena and Steve Elliott can respond to a ten count.  Both men are counted out in 47:56.   (Elliott retains the title)

The fans are VERY VERY mad.  A “Jackson sucks” chant begins.  Then the SHOCK of the YEAR:   Over the arena the song “Sexy Boy” plays.  Dan Severn and Shawn Michaels both walk out.   Severn hands the Money in the Bank contract to Champion.   Champion smiles and grabs the mic. 

Chris Champion:  Shawn Michaels is cashing in his contract.  Steve Elliott must defend the WWA World Title NOW.   

The problem is that Elliott is still out cold.   But the bells rings and HBK covers him Elliott. 
Rick Owens makes the count   1….2…3.

Shawn Michaels is the new WWA Worlds Heavyweight Champion.  The crowd has stopped the “Jackson sucks” chant and it changes to a “Michaels sucks” chant.   Michaels celebrates with Severn the rest of the members of  Genesis  in the middle of the ring.   The new GM Chris Champion shakes his hand.  As the camera starts to fade out, we see Pete Jackson is the back of the arena.  He is smiling and laughing. 

"Far from Over" plays and shows a quick repeat of the show. . 

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