PWA Entertainment INC.
Founder John H. Fredrickson 
Executive Board
  Chief Executive Officer and Chairman of the Board Paul W. Taylor III 
  Vice Chairman  Howard T. Brody
  Chief Operating Officer and General Manager Christopher R. Champion
  Chief Marketing Officer Kenneth Taylor
  Chief Financial Officer Carl R. Todd
  General Counsel August J. Liguori 
  Senior Vice President of PWA Studios Michael Lusi
  Senior Vice President of Talent and Live Events Paul Brandon Myers
  Senior Vice President of Operations Stephanie McMahon-Myers
  Senior Vice President of Communications Noah Anthony Schivanoe
  Senior Advisers to the Board Bob Geigel, Vincent K. McMahon and Frank G. Serpe
Executive Vice President - Development Talent and Scouting David Schultz
Executive Vice President - Live Events  Michael Hayes 
Executive Vice President - Maketing Michelle D. Watson
Executive Vice President - Digital Media Brian Kalinowski
Vice President of Global Media Tammy Douglas  
Vice President of Consumer Products Jim Connelly
Vice President of Business Management Vinny Cerrato
Vice President of Information Technology Mike A. Easley
Vice President of Corporate Sales Kevin Dunn
Vice President of Marketing Neil Campbell
Vice President of Creative Control vacant
Head Creative Consultant Pat Patterson
Director of Talent Scouting Richard Blood, Sr.
Co-Director of Creative Control and Booking James E. Cornette     
Co-Director of Creative Control and Booking Paul E. Heyman
Director of Arena Bookings Joey C. Jones
Director of Live Productions Butch Reed
Director of TV Productions/Head Producer Lawrence Michael Rotunda
Director of New Media Joey Styles
Director of Support Services Mitch Harrison
Director of Marketing Partnerships  Tony Palmer
Director of Public Relations Lisa Harris
Director of Transportation Tony Garea
Director of Planning & Development Michael Caruso
Director of Talent Relations John Laurinaitis
Director of Finance Jeff Horstmann
Director of Sales Curtis Matlock 
Director of Communications Jeff Trammel
Director of Merchandising Murisa Lopez 
Director of Licensing Harold Brown
Co-Director of TV Productions Marty Jannetty
Co-Director of TV Productions Brian Gewirtz
Manager of Public Information Jennifer Lewis  
Manager of Multimedia Sandra L. Johnson 
Graphic Design Manager Greg Gilbert
Community Relations Manager Steve Pleau
Public Relations Assistant Donna Quirk
Manager of Publications Renee St. John
Editor in Chief of Publications Mark Madden
Head Photographer Mark Buckner
Manager of Corporate Promotions Rob Rixford
Creative Control and Writing Staff
Head Booker/Writer  Terry Taylor
Co-Directors of Creative Control, Senior Booker/Writers James E. Cornette                Paul E. Heyman
Writing Staff  James Vandenberg, Mike Pompizzi, Diamond Dallas Page, Keith Cog, Nathan Coe, Chris DeLong, Dante Littlefield
Contributing Writers Chris Champion, Kevin Sullivan, Axel Hager and Brandon Myers
Director of TV Productions/Head Producer Lawrence Michael Rotunda
Producers Larry Wilcox, Bruno Lauer, Dave Finlay Jr, John Lanza
Assistant Producers Jamie Noble,  Dean Malenko, Frank Underwood
Promoters/Arena Booking
Head Promoter  Terry Taylor  
Director of Arena Bookings/Co-Head Promoter Joey C. Jones
Promoters Dean Malenko, Daniel McDonald, Don Starr, Bobby Jaggers, Richard Hart
Talent Scouting
Head of Talent Scouting Christopher R. Champion
Director of TalentScouting Richard Blood, Sr.  
Talent and Scouting Consultant Kevin Sullivan
Talent and Scouting Coordinators Steve Moody, Kit Carson,   
Assistant Talent and Scouting Coordinators Andrew Reid 
Developmental Talent / NXT Wrestling
Executive Vice President - Development Talent  David Schultz
Director of Developmental Talent and NXT Head Promoter  John Radison
NXT Developmental Coordinator Sean Waltman
NXT Creative Director Billy Gunn
NXT Creative Assistants Byron Saxton and Martin Bauer
NXT Head Trainer Brad Rheingans
NXT Trainers Joey Mercury, Paul Orndorff, Rick Martel
NXT Assistant Trainers Sara Del Rey, Robbie Brookside, Norman Smiley, 
WWA Championship Committee 
Chairman of the Committee Christopher R Champion
Committee Member - Consejo Mundial de Lucha Libre  Brazo de Oro
Committee Member - UK International Pro Wrestling William Regal
Committee Member - New Japan Pro Wrestling Naoki Sugabayashi 
Advisor to the Committee Shawn Michaels
Medical Staff
Chairman Dr. Mark Dalton
Staff Doctors Dr. Patrick O'Dea, Dr. Robert Hillard, Dr. Steven Singleton, Dr. John Schmidt 
Massage Therapist Hank Wright
Strength and Conditioning Coach Larry Wix
General Surgery Dr. Michael Brunt
Dentist Dr. Peter Ku
Optometrist Dr. Len Ghormley
Referees and Officials 
Chairman of Officials and Head Referee Rick Owen
Vice-Chairman of Officials and Senior Referee Bill Alfonso
Senior Referees Scott Armstrong and Nick Kiniski
Referees Jude St Clair, Mike Chioda, Charles Robinson, Rick Manning, Donnie McGowen
NXT/CSW Referees Darrick Moore, Jason Ayers, Marc Harris, Rod Zapata, Ryan Tran
Legends Contacts 
Ambassador/Hall of Fame/International Tours/Occasional TV Owen Hart
Ambassador/Consultant Sgt Bob Slaughter
Ambassador/Consultant/TV Color Commentator Ric Flair
Ambassador/Wellness Advisor/Appearances Jon Stewart
Ambassador/Appearances Jimmy Snuka
Ambassador/Appearances Jim Duggan
Ambassador/Musical Advisor/Appearances Jimmy Hart
Ambassador/Appearances/Occasional TV Kevin Nash
Ambassador/Hall of Fame/Wellness Advisor Dan Severn
Ambassador/Hall of Fame/Appearances/Occasional TV Shawn Michaels
Past St. Louis Promoters:  
Tom Packs (1922 - 1945)
Sam Muchnick (1945 - 1982)
Bob Geigel (1982 - 1986)
John Fredrickson (1987 - 1991)
Bob Geigel (1991 - 1993)
John Fredrickson (Jan 1993 - May 1996)
Chris Champion (June 1996 - Dec 1998)
Frank Dusek (Jan 1999 - Aug 2002)
Vince K. McMahon (Aug 2002 - Dec 2009)
Terry Taylor  (Jan 2010 - current)
Past PWA/Central States/Midwest Wrestling Presidents