Last Name First Name Nick Name Status From  Height Weight Theme Song  
Black Tyler      Buffalo, IW 6 ft 1 in 225 lbs ÒSweet DreamsÓ by Marylyn Manson 86
Bourne Evan  Magic Man Injury St. Louis, Missouri 5 ft 9 in 183 lbs "Born to Win" by Mutiny Within 83
Bratcher Frank  Bruiser   Wichita, KA 6 ft 8 in 385 lbs "Different" by Egypt Central 87
Cage Christian  Captain Charisma Injury Kitchener, Ontario 6 ft 2 in 235 lbs "Just Close Your Eyes" by Waterproof  73
Camacho     Cruiser The Edge of Sanity 5 ft 10 in 194 lbs "Hybrid Stigmata" by Dimmu Borgir 81
Cara Sin   Cruiser Mexico City, MX 5 ft 7 in 180 lbs "Ancient Spirit" by Jim Johnston ??
Cena John      West Newbury, MS 6 ft 1 in  250 lbs "The Time is Now" by John Cena 77
Clay Brodus     Pasadena, CA 6 ft 8 in 375 lbs "Funky Town" by Jim Johnston 84
Cross Nic The Game Part-time Miami, FL 6 ft 5 in 260 lbs "The Game" by Motšrhead 72
Curtis Johnny Fandango   Jacksonville, FL 6 ft 4 in 228 lbs "Fully Alive" by Flyleaf 85
Del Rio Alberto Dos Caras   Mexico City, MX 6 ft 2 in 238 lbs "Realteka" by Jim Johnston  78
Dibiase, Jr Ted    Cruiser Baton Rouge, LA 6 ft 2 in 214 lbs "I Come from Money" by Jim Johnston 82
Elliott Steven Danger   Trenton, NJ 6 ft 0 in 234 lbs "Naughty Naughty" by Danger Danger 70
Farrelly Steven Sheamus   Dublin, Ireland 6 ft 6 in 275 lbs "The Irish Curse" by Alan Doyle 78
Gabriel Justin  The Angel Cruiser Cape Town, South Africa 6 ft 2 in 225 lbs "In my Heaven" by Negative 81
Graves Corey    also NXT Thunder Bay, ON 6 ft 2 in 240 lbs "Born in a Grave" by Manowar 86
Hager   Axel  The Ace   Los Angeles, CA  6 ft 2 in 252 lbs "Blue Collar Man" by Styx 68
Hart Oje    Injury Calgery, Alberta 6 ft 1 in 210 lbs "Push It" by Static-X 91
Henry Mark     Silsby, TX 6 ft 3 in 400 lbs "Some Bodies Gonna Get It" by Three Mafa 71
Hunico   El Guapo Cruiser San Cristobal, Venezulea 5 ft 9 in 176 lbs "El Guapo Mucho" by Jim Johnston 86
Jackson Pete  Hollywood   St. Louis, MS 6 ft 1 in  240 lbs "Taking You Down" by Egypt Central 68
Keenan Sterling James  SJK also NXT Pittsburg, PN 6 ft 1 in 220 lbs "You Make me Sick" by Egypt Central 84
Kidd Tyson   Injury Calgary, Alberta 5 ft 11 in 210 lbs "Snap Your Fingers" by Prong  80
Killings Ron  The Truth   Charlotte, NC 6 ft 2 in 245 lbs "What's Up?" by Ron Killings 78
King Kenny     Orlando, FL 6 ft 0 in 230 lbs "God Save the King" by Jim Johnson 83
Kingston Kofi   Crusier Ghana, West Africa 6 ft 1 in 220 lbs "S.O.S." by Collie Buddz 81
Lesner Brock   Part-time Minneapolis, Minnesota 6 ft 3 in 266 lbs "Next Big Thing" by Jim Johnson 77
Matsumoto   The Great   Parts Unknown 5ft 10 in 224 lbs "Disciples of Darkness" by Midnight Syndicate 86
McIntyre Drew The One   Ayr, Scotland 6 ft 6 in 250 lbs "Broken Dreams" by Shaman's Harvest  85
Miller Khris  Thriller Cruiser London, England 6 ft 1 in 214 lbs "Clavicle" by Alkaline Trio 86
Mizanin Mike  The Miz   Los Angeles, CA 6 ft 1 in 231 lbs "I Came to Play" by Downstait 80
Myers Brandon Bad Attitude   Kansas City, MO 6 ft 5 in 265 lbs "Bad Attitude" by Deep Purple 69
Orton Randy  The Predator   St. Charles, MI 6 ft 4 in 235 lbs "This Fire Burns" by Killswitch Engage 80
Otunga David  The A List   Chicago, IL 6 ft 4 in 240 lbs "The Rise of Genesis" by Jim Johnston 80
Piper Roddy Rowdy Part-time Glasgow, Scotland 6 ft 0 in 231 lbs Bagpipes 54
Punk CM  Straight Edge Superstar   Chicago, IL 6 ft 1 in 225 lbs "Cult of Personality" by Living Color 78
Rhodes Cody Real American   Charlotte, NC 6 ft 1 in 225 lbs "Patriot" by Jim Johnston  85
Riley Alex Hardknocks also NXT Washington D.C 6 ft 4 in 245 lbs "Say it to my Face" by Downstait 82
Roode Robert The Enforcer   Peterborough, Ont 6 ft 0 in 240 lbs "Beer Money" by Jim Johnson 78
Ryan Mason    also NXT Wales 6 ft 5 in 285 lbs "Faithless" by Injected   85
Ryback Ryan     Las Vegas, NV 6 ft 3 in 290 lbs "Meat on the Table" by Jim Johnson 81
Ryder Zack Long Island Iced Tea   Long Island, NY 6 ft 2 in 235 lbs "Radio" by Watt White  85
Swagger Jack All American  also NXT Perry, OK 6 ft 7 in 260 lbs "3MB" by Jim Johnson 82
Uganda the Giant   none   Jungles of Uganda, Africa 6 ft 9 in 395 lbs "Tribal Drums"  82
Vakis Lee Sleeperkid Cruiser San Francisco, CA 5 ft 10 in 197 lbs "Invincible" by Adelitas Way 88
Van Dam Rob     Battle Creek, MI 6 ft 0 in 244 lbs "Fury of the Storm" by Jim Johnston 74
Wyatt Bray   also NXT Tampa, FL 6 ft 3 in 275 lbs "Broken Out In Love" by Mark Crozer 87
Ziggler Dolph The Showoff   Hollywood, FL 6 ft 1 In 223 lbs ÒHere To Show The WorldÓ by Downstait 80
Styles AJ The Phenomenal inactive Gainsville, FL 5 ft 11 in 215 lbs    
Jarrett Jeff   inactive Nashville, TN 6 ft 1 in 235 lbs   69
Bella Bre              
Bella Nikki              
Deeb Serena              
Kelly  Kelly              
Lee AJ   P/T wre          
Marie Audrey   also NXT          
McCool Michelle               
Milano Ashley              
Neidhart Nattie              
Phoenix Beth              
Storm Layla              
Sullivan Paige   also NXT          
Torres Eve Marie   P/T wre          
Valentine Sasha              
Von Eeire Christine   P/T wre          
  Tag Teams              
The Hardys                
Hardy Jeff  The Charismatic Enigma   Cameron, NC 6 ft 1 in 225 lbs "Live for the Moment" by Monster Magnet 77
Hardy Matt  The Angelic Diablo   Cameron, NC 6 ft 2 in 234 lbs "Live for the Moment" by Monster Magnet 75
Team Hell No                
Danielson Bryan American Dragon   Aberdeen, WA 6 ft 1 in 202 lbs "Don't Question My Heart" by Saliva 81
Hanson Kai The Supreme   Berlin, Germany 6 ft 4 in 250 lbs "Mein Herz Brennt" By Rammstein 68
The Kings of  Wrestling              
Cesaro Antonio     Lucerne, Switzerland 6 ft 5 in 232 lbs "Fully Alive" by Flyleaf 82
Hero Chris     Dayton, OH 6 ft 4 in 254 lbs "Fully Alive" by Flyleaf 80
The Disciple of  Darkness              
Tenasi   Lord   Tokyo, Japan 6 ft 6 in 350 lbs "Disciples of Darkness" by Midnight Syndicate 78
Kobayashi   The Butcher   Chikuma, Japan 5 ft 11 in 300 lbs "Disciples of Darkness" by Midnight Syndicate 78
The Corre                
Anderson Karl Machine Gun   Pipestone, MN 6 ft 0 in 240 lbs "The Corre" by Jim Johnston 80
Storm James The Cowboy   Franklin, TN 6 ft 0 in 230 lbs "The Corre" by Jim Johnston 78
The Lethal Players              
Lethal Jay     Elizabeth, NJ 5 ft 11 in 220 lbs "Spitfire" by The Prodigy 85
O'Neal Titus The Player   South Beach, Florida 6 ft 3 in 235 lbs "Spitfire" by The Prodigy 81
Los Amardos                
Col—n  Epico   also NXT San Juan, PR 5 ft 10 in 220 lbs "Cool" by Jim Johnston  
Col—n  Primo   also NXT San Juan, PR 5 ft 11 in 226 lbs "Cool" by Jim Johnston  
Damned Nation                
Barrett Wade      Manchester, England 6 ft 6 in 270 lbs "Impaler" by Exodus 80
Sandow Damien     Birmingham, England 6 ft 4 in 226 lbs "Impaler" by Exodus 82
K.O. Inc.                
Spinks Donald The Jinx    Brooklyn, NY 6 ft 3 in 245 lbs "Ain't No Stoppin' Me" by Lou$tar 85
Tarver Michael  The Magic Man   Cleveland, OH 6 ft 2 in 256 lbs "Ain't No Stoppin' Me" by Lou$tar 83
The Usos                
Uso Jimmy    also NXT Samoa 6 ft 5 in 255 lbs "Violent New Breed" by Shotgun Messiah  
Uso Jules   also NXT Samoa 6 ft 2 in 230 lbs "Violent New Breed" by Shotgun Messiah  
  Six Man Teams              
Three Man Band                
Mahal Jinder   also NXT Punjabi, India 6 ft 4 in 245 lbs "3MB" by Jim Johnson 86
Marella Santino   also NXT Milan, Italy 5 ft 10 in 227 lbs "3MB" by Jim Johnson 81
Slater Heath   also NXT Pineville, WV 6 ft 2 in 216 lbs "3MB" by Jim Johnson 82
The Shield                
Ambrose Dean     Cincinnati, Ohio 6 ft 4 in 231 lbs "Soul Survive' by Asphalt Ballet 85
Regins Roman     Pensacola, Florida 6 ft 3 in 265 lbs "Soul Survive' by Asphalt Ballet 85
Aries Austin     Milwaukee, WI 6 ft 2 in 215 lbs "Soul Survive' by Asphalt Ballet 80
Colter Zeb           Codie Rhodes  
Deeb Serena           Kings of Wrestling  
Godfather The            Lethal Players  
Heyman Paul E           CM Punk, Brock Lesner  
Cornette  James E           The Corre  
Kharma             KO INC.  
Lee AJ           Dolph Ziggler   
Mendes Rosa           Los Amardos  
Neidhart Nattie           Tyson Kidd  
Piper Roddy           Drew McIntrye  
Sullivan Kevin Lord of Darkness         Disiples of Darkness, Great Matsumoto, Paige  
Von Eeire Christine           Corey Graves  
Announce Team                
Buffer Michael Ring Announcer - PPV Events            
Cappetta Gary Ring Announcer            
Schivanoe Tony Host, Play-by-play announcer            
Cole Michael Play-by-play announcer            
Zbyszko Larry  Color commentator            
Flair Ric Color commentator            
Piper Roddy   Pipers Pit            
Mizanin Mike  Miz TV            
Matthews Josh Interviews/Play-by-play announcer            
Stanford Scott   Interviews/Color commentator            
On Air Talent                
Taylor Terry Appearances as   President/CEO        
Champion Chris Appearances as    General Manager        
Maddox Brad Appearances as   Assistant Manager for Champion        
Myers Brandon Appearances as   Executive Vice President        
Owen Rick              
Alfonso Bill              
Armstrong Scott              
Kiniski Nick              
St Clair Jude              
Chioda Mike              
Robinson Charles              
Manning Rick              
McGowin Donnie              
8 pay per views yearly ppv 7pm to 10pm Tony Schivanoe, Michael Cole, Larry Zbyszko and Ric Flair
Prime Time Wrestling FX Network  7pm to 10pm Michael Cole, Larry Zbyszko and Ric Flair
The Main Event Fox  8pm to 9pm Tony Schivanoe and Larry Zbyszko w/Josh Matthews
Fox Special Bi-Monthly Events Fox  7pm to 9pm Michael Cole, Larry Zbyszko and Ric Flair
Power Pro Wrestling FX Network  10am to 11am/10pm to 11pm Josh Matthews and Scott Stanford 
PWA for Kids on FOX Fox  10am to 11am Josh Matthews and Guest Host
All Star Wrestling ION TV 9pm to 10pm Michael Cole and Ric Flair
NXT Wrestling ION TV 10pm to 11pm Tony Dawson, Stan Lane  with John Radison
PWA Spotlight Hulu PLUS  weekly Michael Cole
CSW Wrestling Syndicated Syndicated Only Patrick Green and Michael Titus with Martin Bauer