World Welterweight Title
Name Date won Days Location Notes Held
Blue Panther 12/18/91   Acapulco tournament final over Satanico  
  vacant on 01/19/1992.  
America (Pantera II) 3/8/92   Mexico City, Mexico appointed new champion per WWA Board  
Felino 7/17/92   Cuernavaca, Mexico    
Ciclon Ramirez 3/8/93   Tokyo, Japan    
Felino [2] 3/30/94   Acapulco, Mexico    
El Pantera II [2] 6/21/94   Cuernavaca, Mexico Super Delphin defeats Pantera on 03/15/1996 in Osaka, Japan, but the WWA declares the title vacant because Pantera had jumped to AAA before going to Japan.  
Mascara Magica 5/21/96   Mexico City, Mexico tournament final over Felino.  
  defeats Super Delphin on 06/22/1996 in Naruko, Japan to become Undisputed Welterweight champion.  
Guerrero de la Muerte 8/2/96   Mexico City, Mexico    
Mascara Magica [2] 1/24/98   Tokyo, Japan    
Karloff Lagarde Jr. 2/6/98   Mexico City, Mexico    
Olimpico 9/16/98   Mexico City, Mexico    
Halcon Negro Jr. 10/23/98   Mexico City, Mexico    
Olimpico [2] 12/13/98   Mexico City, Mexico    
Super Delphin 2/27/99   Nagoya, Japan    
Arkangel de la Muerta 9/10/99   Kawasaki, Japan    
Mach 1 11/14/99   Tokyo, Japan    
Rey Misterio Jr. 1/23/00   Seattle, WA    
Super Astro 3/3/00   Mexico City, Mexico    
Super Crazy 4/10/00   San Juan, Puerto Rico    
Frank Shamrock 5/14/00   Tokyo, Japan    
A.C. Armande 6/2/01   St. Louis, MO stripped on 07/31/2001 after failing to make weight limits.  
Juventude Guerra 7/31/01   Mexico City, Mexico tournament final over Jerry Lynn.  
Jerry Lynn 2/17/02   Paris, France    
Shane Helms 6/12/02   Melbourne, Australia    
Lizmark Jr. 7/1/02   San Francisco, CA    
Mexicano 7/19/02   Mexico City, Mexico    
Ángel o Demonio 8/19/02   Mexico City, Mexico    
Juventude Guerra [2] 10/15/02   Mexico City, Mexico    
Emilio Charles, Jr 3/18/03   Mexico City, Mexico    
Negro Casas 4/26/04   Mexico City, Mexico    
Juventude Guerra [3] 6/5/05   St. Louis, MO    
Don Ray Epperson 7/15/06   Berlin, Germany    
Averno 9/17/06   Mexico City, Mexico    
Super Delfin 1/20/07   Osaka, Japan    
Hajime Ohara 2/10/07   Osaka,  Japan    
La Sombra 11/27/07   Mexico City, Mexico    
Mephisto 3/29/09   Acapulco, Mexico    
Mistico 6/5/09   St. Louis, MO Title unified with the WWA World Middleweight Title  
Negro Casas 3/20/10   Mexico City, Mexico    
Máscara Dorada 9/7/10   Mexico City, Mexico    
Ryusuke Taguchi 1/22/11   Bunkyo, Tokyo, Japan    
Máscara Dorada 6/18/11   Osaka, Japan    
Pólvora 11/11/12   Mexico City, Mexico